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Denisowator's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 3,762 (From 513 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 60,450 Points

The Bester Game Ever Made

Good Call Unlocked 2/13/14
5 Points
Choose to play this amazing game of ours that makes you feel better about the world you live in.
Armed & Dangerous Unlocked 2/13/14
10 Points
Find a spare set of arms
Comedy Gold Unlocked 2/13/14
10 Points
Get your hands on the funniest dinosaur joke you've heard in ages.
Fonz Whisperer Unlocked 2/13/14
10 Points
Discover the hidden thoughts of The Fonz.
Sorry Wilson Unlocked 2/13/14
10 Points
Lose Wilson too early.
Afterlife Affection Unlocked 2/13/14
25 Points
Get a hug from the ghost... and die in the process.
Eye For Value Unlocked 2/13/14
25 Points
Catch some poop before it lands on the ocean floor.
Snowcone Savior Unlocked 2/13/14
25 Points
Save the day with the power of a delicious snowcone.
Lonesome Fury Unlocked 2/13/14
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Temporal Parodox Unlocked 2/13/14
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
I Have Crabs! 10 Points Prove you're a genius by figuring out how to capture the crab.
Bob Buddy 25 Points Solve all of Sunburned Bob's problems.
Talkative 50 Points Talk to at least 25 different things in the game.
Dino Master 100 Points Beat the entire game.
Sea Spectacle Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Turtle Groper Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 10/16 (220/455 points)

The Blind Swordsman

Into The Darkness Unlocked 4/21/14
5 Points
Survive the first encounter.
The Green Death 5 Points Survive the second encounter.
Blind survivalist 10 Points Cut down 20 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Cackles In The Dark 10 Points Survive the third encounter.
The Wilds, They Hunger 10 Points Survive the fourth encounter.
Death From Above 25 Points Survive the fifth encounter.
Many Blades, Many Bodies 25 Points Survive the sixth encounter.
One Man Army 25 Points Survive the eighth encounter.
The Lethal Swordsman 25 Points Cut down 100 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Trichotomy Of Horror 25 Points Survive the seventh encounter.
A Worthy Opponent 50 Points Survive the ninth encounter.
Death Has A Sword 50 Points Cut down 250 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Your Eyes Are Open 50 Points Complete the story mode.
Don't Need Eyes 100 Points Cut down 100 enemies in 360 degrees survival mode.
Eternal Darkness 100 Points Complete the 360 degrees story mode.

Medals Earned: 1/15 (5/515 points)

The Breach

20 Kills Unlocked 4/3/14
5 Points
Kill 20 enemies
Kill First Boss Unlocked 4/3/14
10 Points
Kill the first boss
Game Complete Unlocked 4/3/14
25 Points
Complete the game
Kill 3rd Boss Unlocked 4/3/14
25 Points
Kill the 3rd Boss
20 Stars 50 Points Obtain 20 stars

Medals Earned: 4/5 (65/115 points)

the classroom 3

LEARNER Unlocked 3/31/14
5 Points
Complete the tutorial.
BULLY Unlocked 3/31/14
10 Points
Punch the geek.
CHEATER Unlocked 3/31/14
10 Points
Finish the first level.
ONE SLICK KID Unlocked 3/31/14
25 Points
Alter the test.
VETERAN Unlocked 3/31/14
25 Points
Swiftly hide through the halls of the school.
PERVERT 5 Points What are you staring at?
FUTURE GRADUATE 50 Points Complete the game without using passwords.
PERFECTIONIST 100 Points Complete the game without being caught.

Medals Earned: 5/8 (75/230 points)

The Company of Myself

New Friend Unlocked 3/29/14
5 Points
Complete level 1
Trust Exercise Unlocked 3/29/14
5 Points
Complete level 4
Bridge Unlocked 3/29/14
10 Points
Complete level 10
Vicarious? Unlocked 3/29/14
10 Points
Complete level 7
Sacrifice Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/5 (30/80 points)

The Darkness Within Me

Darkness Unlocked 11/15/15
5 Points
Start playing.
In Death Unlocked 11/15/15
5 Points
Finish the game.
Golden Astronaut 5 Points Find the hidden Golden Astronaut token.

Medals Earned: 2/3 (10/15 points)

The Elevator

Coffee Date Unlocked 3/24/14
5 Points
A date. With coffee.
Heartbreak Unlocked 3/24/14
5 Points
Didn't get a Date.
Heartbreak Maybe? Unlocked 3/24/14
5 Points
Declined a date.
Sweet Kisses 5 Points Kisses, kisses, kisses.

Medals Earned: 3/4 (15/20 points)

The Escaper

Game Developer Unlocked 2/24/14
5 Points
Meet The Game Developer
Level 1 Complete Unlocked 2/24/14
5 Points
Nice one
Loser Unlocked 2/24/14
5 Points
Died on the game
Play The Game Unlocked 2/24/14
5 Points
Construction 5 Points The Game Is Under construction!
Level 2 Complete 5 Points Nice 2

Medals Earned: 4/6 (20/30 points)

The Garden

Alarm Clock Unlocked 5/15/14
5 Points
Ringing in your ears, late, late, late...
Enter Weird Dream Unlocked 5/15/14
5 Points
It's colorful, at least.
Let Them Eat Cake Unlocked 5/15/14
5 Points
I think it was tasty?
The Cake is Terrible Unlocked 5/15/14
5 Points
Or maybe it has terrible taste.
Too Many Signs Unlocked 5/15/14
5 Points
They're not helping...

Medals Earned: 5/5 (25/25 points)

The Interview Codex

Knowledge Peeker Unlocked 4/17/14
5 Points
Visit the codex for the first time.
The bees Justin... Unlocked 4/17/14
5 Points
Why wount me baby drink his milk Justin?
FUL of P Unlocked 4/17/14
10 Points
DEAD! 5 Points there all dead
EDD's 5 Points World
Hans off! 5 Points Can't touch this.
HE WOBBLES... 5 Points but he doesn't fall down
KFC 5 Points who you call'n chicken?
Knowledge Creeper 5 Points Visit the codex 10 times.
Knowledge Seeker 5 Points Visit the codex 50 times.
Mariachi Mang 5 Points ¿Dónde está mi cerveza
only $5 each 5 Points there you go... good bye!
orsppA 5 Points ???
Paradox 5 Points Who will interview the interviewmen?
PLEASE HELP! 5 Points The shade man has locked me in his basment, i am a 16 year old girl. The shade man wips me all day, send help, call the cops... I can get free. My balls are really sore. He is sick. I don't know how much longer I can go on.
Psycho? 5 Points maybe.
Secret pixel hand shake. 5 Points ...
Sexual Decapoda 5 Points Nephropidae
Supa Sumba Pawdy. 5 Points Cake and apple pie.
This is madness! 5 Points Yes it is.
to mod, or not to mod? 5 Points that is the ummmm somthing...
YEAH... 5 Points I'm almost done.
Knowledge Keeper 10 Points Visit the codex 100 times.
THE KING OF THE PORTAL! 10 Points He will always be to me...

Medals Earned: 3/25 (20/140 points)