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All tankmen

2014-04-16 06:16:31 by Denisowator

Here are all the tankmen for those who can't find them.


Made another game!

2014-04-16 05:01:56 by Denisowator

Here is my second creation, it's one of those games where you look at a crowded picture and you have to find specific things. It took me around 5 hours to make and I can definitly say, I put much more work into it than I did in my first game.


Enjoy! :)



Made my first game!

2014-04-10 15:03:13 by Denisowator

It's a really simple concept and there are 16 medals that only take time to get, however around 300K points the game crashes and I have no idea why. :(




All you really do in it is collect coins that randomly appear on the screen. This is my first game so don't be hating. :)

About me!

2014-02-07 18:01:00 by Denisowator


My name Is Denis (aka Denisowator), I just joined Newsground and I am very exited to be a part of this great community! I really like playing games that regular people made so I though this was the place for me.


I really love getting achievements and viewing a wide range of videos and pictures made world wide by gamers.


If I was to give you guys any advice, it would be this: DO NOT PLAY THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL MEALT YOU FUCKING FACE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


I'm really looking forward to chatting, playing, commenting, rating, and favoriting every sinle thing!


Denisowator OUT!