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Made my first game!

2014-04-10 15:03:13 by Denisowator

It's a really simple concept and there are 16 medals that only take time to get, however around 300K points the game crashes and I have no idea why. :(




All you really do in it is collect coins that randomly appear on the screen. This is my first game so don't be hating. :)


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2014-05-28 16:44:09

A guy called cuna submitted this review, if he is right this is why shockwave crashes, I hope to help you

Cuna's review:

Nice game.

May I point out, that this game is only about waiting? You cant influence how much money you get besides getting everything which is onscreen.

Let me explain: After 16min you got coins worth 1.000.000 on the screen. After a little hopping you should have every medal. Why that? Cause you get 1000 Coins / s plus 1 Coin / half second = 2 Coins / s = 1002 Coins / s. Now we got our 1.000.000 divide it by 1.002 and 60s and voila = 16 min.

Well ... okay ... I just noticed, as I wrote this review, that my Flashplayer broke down from so many items ... (What I try to say: limit the amount of Items to 100 onscreen, so that you are motivated to clear the screen to get more. Upgrades would be good, too. Moving left / right is very unusual. You jump faster than you can run).